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Any Amelia/Larry Fans, Here?

So, I'm a little (very) new here, but I've been a lurker for quite some time, hahaha. There were no rules, so I assume this is okay... mods, feel free to deleat this post if it violates anything (:

I have recently become obsessed with NatM2, and more specifically Larry and Amelia Earhart. I realized that there are not a lot of fanfiction/graphic posts about the two of them (it's all Jed/Octavious... which I don't mind at all!) so I made a community. I know what you're thinking- she came here for more members! Yes and no. I know that most (all?) of the NatM comms aren't very populated, nor are most movie communities. I just wanted to let people know about this, in case they were Amelia/Larry fans, too (:

The community is amelialarry, and feel free to join and post whenever you want to (:
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