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Title- Tactical Maneuvers
Rating- PG-13 for swearing, and boy kissies.
Characters- Octavius, Jedediah, a few minor OC's.
Summary- Octavius THOUGHT it was a well-thought out tactical maneuver, turns out ambushing somebody on their own land isn't all that great of an idea. Mid movie, Oct/Jed.
Notes- My first Oct/Jed fic, i'm pretty rusty so be gentle. I tried to keep their movie personalities while also sticking to how reactions to homosexuality would have been expressed in their own times. I know Oct probably wouldn't think much of it, but Jed would probably be very 'HAY NAO'... At least at first. Might have a sequel, depends on how you guys like it!

In retrospect, perhaps this had not been the brilliant tactical maneuver that Octavius had thought it was going to be. It had seemed like an intelligent, sneaky plan. Octavius, unwilling to endanger the lives of his men, had called it upon himself to sneak into the Old West exhibit, and hide himself within Jedediah's tent.(Which smelled of sweat and some other foreign scent that Octavius had traced to a barrel filled with the most toxic looking liquid he had ever seen.) But now he realised how truly vulnerable he was, he was in the equivalent to a distant land he knew little to nothing about, and even if he DID take down Jedediah like he had planned, how would he get out of here with his toga intact? He was surrounded, no matter what he did, and the sun would be rising soon.

No, no this had not been as brilliant as he had originally imagined. He sent pleas of help to Mars and several apologies to Minerva for his lack of intelligence, and sat upon the ground to think.

Perhaps if he made a run for it? No! Romans do not flee, no matter the peril. He would fight his way out, and should he die in the process, well, he would be die in battle! Brave and unhalting in the face of the enemy! Yes, they would tell tales of him to rival that of Odysseus, he would live on in tales of blazing glory and-

"What in the high hells o' Texas you doin' here!?"

Mid-reverie, Octavius had not noticed Jedediah walk through the flap of the tent. The westerner pulled his pistol, and pointed it at Octavius. "I give ya t' the count a ten t'answer me! One..."

Octavius leapt to his feet. "Aha! I was awaiting your return, Jedediah. I have come to finish what we began earlier this eve." Jed grinned. "Oh, y'want me t'finish kickin' your toga-wearing ass, then?" the Roman scowled, and drew his sword. "I am not easily beaten, and those guns don't work! Therefore -I- have the upper hand!"

"You're in my town, toga-boy, you ain't got no hands t'start with!" with a massive clang, Jed leapt forwards and slammed the butt of his gun onto the Roman's head, and Octavius let out a shout, his ears ringing, head pounding, he steadied his helm, dropping his blade while doing so. Jed tackled the Roman to the ground, and the scuffle proceeded. Octavius swung the cowboy over him, Jed tackled him back, they rolled around the dirty floor of the tent grunting obscenities and sending badly-aimed punches at each other.

It went like that for several seconds, or maybe minutes, the sun was soon to rise, so time was uncertain. In any case, the tussle ended when the two slammed into the barrel, and several splats of the foul-smelling liquid landed on Jed's back.

"Y'spilt my moonshine!"

Jedediah pinned Octavius' hands over his head, straddling the Roman's waist. The men panted, gasping in big gulps of air, faces red and dirty, they glowered at each other.
"What're you really doin' here?"
"I don't know what you mean."

Jed lifted one blonde eyebrow. "I don' know any brilliant Roman generals decide to take on a whole town by himself. What're you doin' in my tent?"

Octavius thought fast, he really had been there to try and take Jedediah out but now he saw how bad of a plan that had been. And he was far too proud to admit he had made a bad decision like that. But it was so hard to think when Jedediah's knee was placed so uncomfortably beside his inner thigh in the most wonderful way.

And then the thought came to him.

"I... I came to seek peace. I-I rather admire you, Jedediah."

Jed's eyebrows nearly disappeared into his hairline. He blinked, confused. Octavius grinned, turning on as much charm as he could muster, lifting his head to brush his lips against Jedediah's, to kiss.

He was then promptly punched in the face.


When Octavius next blinked his eyes, he was incapable of moving. He stretched his jaw, which ached a little from the truly admirable punch, and turned his head to peer around.

He was stuck, head and wrists, in a massive wooden block, an attempt to move his feet told him he was also chained. And there before him stood Jedediah with several of his cowboy friends.

"Jim, Travis, you git your scrawny little asses back over to that mountain and blow it up! I don' care what Gigantor says, blow the wall!" the two scuttled away, grumbling. Jed turned to the captive Roman, and walked slowly around to the side, frowning. "We speak t'nobody 'bout that, you got it?" Octavius noted that the cowbody did not seem angry, offended, or even unhappy, merely warning.

"As you wish, now release me from my binds, so I might return to my legion!" Jedediah smirked. "Yeeeaaah, that ain't happenin'. You stuck yerself in this predicament, and boy, you're stuck in it."

Octavius struggled against the block, Jedediah watching smugly. The sun rose and they stayed that way, and Octavius, while trapped and deeply displeased, was quite content with how the evening had gone. After all, he had certainly enjoyed himself.


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